Link Building Solutions for Getting First Page Ranking on Google

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Building backlinks are critical to achieving first page ranking on the internet search engines.

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If you are serious about getting more traffic to your site, you will be obsessed with your website ranking. It is common knowledge that if your web pages are not on page one or at least on page two, in a Goggle search, your chance of getting serious web traffic is very poor.

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It is also well known that the quantity and quality of the backlinks to your site are heavily weighted determinants of web page ranking by the search engine algorithms. The bottom line is that search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo calculate your website’s relevance and popularity largely from the quality of your backlink profile. Therefore, if your goal is to have a popular website, looking for link-building solutions must be one of your highest priorities.

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The dilemma of how to create a high-quality backlink profile when nobody knows you exist.

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Almost every website starts out ranking poorly on the internet search engines. You could have the best content in the world and still end up buried on page fifty or a hundred in a Goggle search. Every new website owner will ultimately face the conundrum of how to get high-quality backlinks when people cannot find you on the search engine results pages.

Proactive ways to get quality 1backlinks from high authority sites

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There are some very effective ways to get high-quality backlinks from high authority sites. In one interesting article written by Rahul Dubley on Tech Review Pro, describes how to get eleven quality backlinks from high PR-9 websites  such as Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube,,,, and Wikipedia.

In another article written by Brian Dean of Backlinko he gives an in-depth description of seventeen very effective techniques for obtaining high numbers of high page rank (high PR) dofollow backlinks

Jumpstart your website ranking by finding an expired domain with high-quality backlinks profile to host it on.


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Building a website on an expired domain can instantly give you a higher website ranking compared to starting a website on a brand new domain. There are two reasons for this. One is that Goggle gives links from older domains more SEO value. The second most important reason an expired domain can provide a valuable boost to your page ranking is because of its existing backlink profile.

Exploring the internet for expired domains can be a very tedious process. There are some tools that help accelerate and simplify your expired domain search. My favorite tool for finding expired domains is

Homepage for PBN Lab website that provides tools that accelerates and simplifies an expired domain search 

With the software on, you can simply put in keywords related to your business niche. You can narrow the results to a region by choosing a country. It also allows you to choose a year to limit your search from that year forward. Once you enter the information, the software on PBNLabs crawls through thousands of URLs looking for broken links to generate a potential list of expired domains.  You can then quickly analyze and compare the domains in your list based on Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow Values, Moz Page Authority and Moz Domain Authority. offers a nice video describing how the software works.

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It is very important to analyze an expired domain thoroughly before purchasing it.

For example, you want to verify that it has lots of relevant, contextual, good quality backlinks. You should avoid domains with lots of spammy backlinks from pharmaceutical websites, pornographic sites, and foreign language sites. Also, verify that Goggle has not deindexed the domain or gave it a page ranking penalty.

A red penalty notice sign warning readers that many expired domains have been deindexed or have SEO penaltiesUnfortunately, many domains for sale have been fraudulently manipulated to make their SEO value appear better than they are. There are also some issues that can severely impair a domain’s SEO value. The following articles (Article 1) (Article 2), give a very detailed description of the metrics, and the software tools that are available for evaluating a domain before you buy it.  

One important step in resurrecting a website using an expired domain is rebuilding any pages where you have lots of backlinks pointing to their URLs. The reason for this is to preserve their link juice. If you do not reconstruct the links to these pages, they will be essentially broken links. A good description on how to rebuild an old website is on Passive.Marketing.

Buy and host expired domains to provide high-quality backlinks to your website.

Some SEO experts suggest the use of expired domains as a good source of quality backlinks to your website. There are two main reasons why expired domains can provide significant link juice. One is that Goggle gives links from older domains more SEO value. Their other potential valuable feature is the link juice their backlinks profile can provide. On occasion, you can find an expired domain with a good number of high quality relevant active backlinks. Once you register one of these domains, you can immediately use it to provide a high-value backlink to your money site.

In summary, there is a variety of white hat and grey hat SEO link building solutions that are available for achieving first-page ranking in search engine results page.

One of the most effective ways to improve your website ranking is by building backlinks. If you want to be proactive, there are many effective white hat SEO strategies for obtaining quality links from high authority sites. Finding and using expired domains with a high-quality backlink profile to host your site is another grey hat SEO strategy to boost your website ranking. Another grey hat strategy you can use to provide backlinks is by purchasing relevant expired domains with a good quality backlink profiles

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