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Amazon vs. EasyAzon for Creating Amazon Affiliate Links

Video Description:This video compares placing Amazon affiliate links with Amazon’s tools and with the plugin called EasyAzon.  It shows how creating and placing Amazon affiliate links is much easier and faster with EasyAzon.  It also demonstrates how EasyAzon can be used to create much more engaging affiliate ads. This video also demonstrates how EasyAzon can increase Amazon affiliate commissions 15-25% or more.

Link to get more information about Amazon’s Associates Program.

How to Find a Profitable Product to Sell on Amazon FBA using AsInspector Pro

Video Description:

In the first half of this video, I describe the best items to sell on Amazon.I also list the types of products that you should avoid selling on Amazon FBA, if at all possible. In the second half of the video, I show how I used the Amazon research tool called AsInspector Pro to find two very good products for selling on Amazon FBA. In one of these examples, the potential return on investment (ROI) was over
2000% after FBA fees. In this video I also demonstrate how to use AsInspector to find product sourcing and how to use AsInspector’s tools to calculate the ROI.
The following are links to more useful information about how to become a successful Amazon seller:

Link to get more information about Amazon’s Associates Program.

How to Create Affiliate Links for the EBay Affiliate Program

Video Description:This video shows how to create EBay affiliate links using the tools in EBay Partner Network and the tools provided in the WordPress plugin called EasyBayPro. Creating affiliate links with EBay’s tools is complicated and very time-consuming. Another problem with affiliate links made with Ebay’s tools is that they require constant updating,  because of the short lifespan of their associated listings.  This video shows how EasyBayPro has solved these problems.

Link to get more information about how to make money online by joining the EBay Affiliate Program:

Tools for Doing EBay Market Research to Find What Sells Best on EBay

Video Description:This market research tutorial shows how to do EBay market research using EBay tools and the marketing research tools on Terapeak. This video demonstrates Terapeak’s powerful tools for doing product research and competitor research to find out what sells best on EBay, what to sell your items for, whether you should sell them by auction or for a fixed price, and what keywords you should put in your listing title.Link to get more information about how to be a successful EBay seller:

  How to Make More Money with AdSense by Finding High-Value Keywords

Video Description: This video shows how to use to find low-competition, high-paying keywords that will generate higher earnings from Google’s AdSense affiliate program.  In this movie, I show how LongtailPro lists the average AdSense bids in search results.  I also show how in-depth keyword competitive analysis is used to locate the high-value AdSense keywords that aren’t too hard to rank for on Google.Link to get more information about Google’s AdSense affiliate program:

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