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My favorite web hosting service provider: Bluehost

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I am using Bluehost to host this  Other good hosting providers I have used in the past include GoDaddy and EHost.  The following is a link to an article I wrote about how I evaluated the various hosting options offered on Bluehost.

My top choice theme for creating a website: Divi by Elegant Themes

Introducing Divi, Drag and Drop Builder, Layout Options, Affordable Pricing, Secure and Modern Code, Unparalleled Support, Satisfaction Guaranteed was created using the advanced WordPress theme called DiviWe choose this WordPress theme for the following reasons:

  • It provides a broad range of templates for creating a homepage.
  • Divi allows users to easy customize their homepage and pages with a few mouse clicks and drag and drop features.
  • When you join Elegant Themes, you get access to over 87 different WordPress Themes for $69 a year.
  • Divi came with almost all of the plugins we needed already integrated into the program.


My favorite keyword research tool: Platinum version of

Longtail Platinum Logo containing an image of a reptile with a very long tail

I use the Platinum version of to generate keywords and to do in-depth keyword analysis.   The following is a link to an article and movie that describes how I used LongtailPro to do in-depth keyword analysis.   One of my favorite features of LongtailPro is that it allows me to calculate a proprietary Average Keyword Competitiveness Score.   I use this score to quickly tell me how hard it will be to rank for a particular keyword.  Unfortunately, this feature is only available on the premium version of this program.

My top choice for doing Amazon product research: AsInspector

AsInspector Pro logo and tagline Ultimate Research Tool for Ecommerce Businesses, Research, Reverse Search, Mobile Scan, Saved Searches.

I prefer AsInspector for doing Amazon product research.  It enables me to rapidly research hundreds of products, source them and determine their potential return on investment.

There are two different versions of AsInspector.  I use the pro version.  Some of the additional features offered by AsInspector Pro include the ability to set parameters for product searches, a monthly revenue estimator, product review statistics and a mobile phone app.

The two other popular Amazon product research tools are Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker.

My top choice software tool for doing EBay product research: Terapeak

Terapeak logo

Terapeak is my favorite tool for doing EBay product research.   One of my favorite features are tools for analyzing the marketing strategies of top sellers in whatever product category you are considering selling.  This tool will help you determine the most popular items to sell on EBay.  It will also help you quickly figure out the best price to sell a product for, what type of selling format will work best for selling it and what keywords you should you place in your product listing.

The company that I most recommend for discounted online shipping: ShipStation


Ship Station logo

The three top companies that provide online shipping services and the cheapest shipping rates are, Endicia, and and Endicia only offer USPS as a carrier option.  ShipStation, on the other hand, offers other shipping carriers such as; UPS, UPS Canada, FedEx, Fed Ex Canada, DHL, Canada Post and OnTrac.

The multiple-channel selling tool that I think is best for integrating your online selling on EBay, Amazon, Etsy and your own E-Commerce site: Sellbrite.

Sellbrite homepage with title Sell More Than Ever Before and tagline Multichannel listing and inventory management made simple.

Reviews of Sellbrite are almost universally positive.  This software seamlessly integrates with the major selling platforms Amazon, EBay, and Etsy.   Sellbrite also integrates with two of the most popular E-commerce store platforms, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento.  Sellbrite comes integrated with ShipStation, my favorite online shipping service.

Sellbrite offers affordable flat-rate plans.  They also provide a fourteen-day free trial so you can check out all their features.

My top choice for creating and placing Amazon affiliate links on my web pages: EasyAzon

EasyAzon 4.0 logo and tagline Make More Money on Amazon

Creating text and image affiliate links using the tools on is a very time-consuming process.   EasyAzon greatly simplifies and speeds up the creation of Amazon affiliate links on my web pages.  It also helps you increase your commissions by 15-25% or more by creating more effective affiliate ads, increasing the lifespan of your affiliate cookies and by earning Amazon affiliate income worldwide by converting affiliate links to the location of the person visiting your site.

My top choice for creating and placing EBay affiliate links on my web pages: EasyBayPro

EasyBayPro Logo and the tagline EasyBayPro; Your ultimate all-in-one eBay Partner Network listing tool for WordPress.

The biggest problem affiliate marketers have had in the past with the EBay Partner Network affiliate program, is the short lifespan of most EBay listings.  If you use EBay’s traditional tools for creating affiliate links, you have to monitor them daily and frequently replace them.

EasyBayPro has solved the problem of maintenance of EBay affiliate links by creating links that automatically replace expired listings with new listings.  EasyBayPro also makes creating and placing affiliate links much easier and quicker to do compared to the tools provided by EBay.  Affiliate links created by EasyBayPro also provide more information and a countdown timer, that result in a much higher click-through rate compared to affiliate links created with EBay’s tools.

My favorite membership site plugin: MemberPress

MemberPress homepage with title The WordPress Plugin that makes it easy to build rock solid WordPress membership sites.

One of the robust and easiest to use membership site plug-ins for WordPress sites is MemberPressIt is one of the few membership site plugins that allows owners of the site to offer users the option to upgrade, downgrade or pause their membership.  This plugin also supports pro-rating charges when users make changes in their membership levels.  It is also one of the few membership plugins integrated with the Google first click free program.  This allows Google’s search engine web crawlers to index restricted premium content for SEO.  Another big plus for MemberPress is that it integrates with the new and up-and-coming payment processor called Stripe

My top choice for a plugin to manage social marketing: Sprout Social

Sprout social logo

We use Sprout Social on this site to automatically downloading blog content to our social sites.  It also provides us tools for monitoring discussions about our website and relevant topics on various social media platforms.

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