Nic Hill YouTube VideoI strongly recommend that you watch this video.

EBay Sellers are discovering that single item listings that were automatically relisted using Good Til Canceled ranked poorly on EBay’s Best Match search engine results.

Nic Hills is an EBay seller in Britain.  The important discovery he made was that you should not use Good Til Canceled for relisting single items on EBay.  What he and other sellers found, was that when they used Good Til Canceled to relist automatically unsold items, their listing did not get the usual increase in EBay’s Best Match search engine results that new listings usually receive.  The longer that their listing lingered, the lower their listings showed up on EBay’s search results.

What Nic and other sellers did discover, was that their relisting showed improvement in EBay’s Best Match search engine results, when they relisted their item for thirty days using the “Sell Similar” option rather than the “Re-list” option.

Nic also suggested that you should also consider improving your title, description or pictures to make a better listing.  Nic did mention that he was still using Good Til Canceled for his multiple item listings.

Some of the important highlights that I took away from Nic Hill’s video were:

  • As a listing ages, Ebay’s Best Match search engine forces it further down in the search results.  Fresh listings score higher on EBay.
  • It pays to create a new listing for a single unsold item rather than simply re-listing it or using Good til Canceled.
  • Use the “Sell Similar” option rather than the “Re-list Option to re-list listings that expire without a sale.
  • Always re-evaluate your listing and try to improve it if your listing expired without a sale.
  • Good Til Canceled is still a viable option for listings that sell multiple items.  However, if they perform poorly, you should consider editing your listing and refreshing it by creating a new listing using the “Sell Similar” option.

I hope this proves useful to your selling efforts on Ebay.  The following are links to pages on that provide more information about how to make money online, selling stuff on Ebay:

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